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hey p-town LJers
im looking for people that have acting, camera, lighting, or production skills that would like to collaborate on a movie i am currently writing a script for. The movie will be a short film and im not taking it to any film festival or anything like that. It's just somethign to do for a couple of days...being that it's pueblo and there isnt much to do but go to Wire Works and talk about what there isnt to do. Im not looking for pro's in film because im not going to make this film more then amature with a taste of pro. But anyone is welcome to help out anyway they want.
I also dont want to just restrict this to one short film. if you like having fun with cameras and messing around (in a clean way...jesus) then you are the people im looking for! Also, if you want a rough draft copy of the script (im only to about 4 pages) let me know, and i will either post it or e-mail it.
Leave a comment if u are interested!
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