[val] (starliteswing) wrote in pueblo,


Hey - just curious if anyone knows of anything going on in Pueblo on Halloween?

I still haven't made any plans because I haven't heard of anything very good to do.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks <3!
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The usual - SPOOKTACULAR FESTIVITIES THAT WILL MAKE YOU SCREAM FOR MORE. blah blah fucking blah. I think I shall do homework Halloween night.


October 29 2005, 06:00:23 UTC 11 years ago

But where? What exactly is it?

OMG I am desperate for something (anything)! I will be so sad if we don't end up doing anything on Halloween :/.
By the way - that was me (Val).. :)
Call my cell! All are invited!


We're going tricky-treating on Monday around 9 or so. A group is forming, so it's a great way to meet people. Even cute singles! =0
asking the pueblo LJ community for a party to attend?? HAHAHAHAHA

not gonna happen