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halloween plans

Trick-or-treating is tomorrow at 8PM. We're heading out at 8:30 at the latest, so be there or be left out unless you agree to meet up with us somewhere.

Invite list includes: Rian101, Justin, Inkchou, Justin Vandresser, Joey, Hannah, Val, Kyle, Siobhan, Kelli, Dani, Alice, Cody, Siobhan (if you're in town), and anyone else that I don't know who wants to come, really. Just give me a call and let me know so we don't leave without you. Call my cell (719-821-0537) for my address and directions. Come in costume- it's trick-or-treating, damnit!

I plan on covering all of El-Camino and down Bridle Trail by midnight, but I'm really not sure how that will work out. I kind of have a route drawn out, though, so we can get candy on the way there and back to my house. There's cider and a place to hang out and/or crash back at my place.
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