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Looking for volunteers

I'm doing an internship right now for the Pueblo Rape Crisis Center. The first part of this internship is for me to find about 15 people who would like to possibly become volunteer victim advocates. An advocate is basically somebody who supports and guides victims of rape through the processes of going to the hospital, talking to the police, finding support groups and/or proper therapy, etc. Classes will be twice a week, lasting about 2-3 hours per class, for about 10 weeks. The classes are free, you are under no obligation to stick with the program if you feel it is not for you, and everything is free. Classes start as soon as enough people sign up. The actual volunteer work (after completing the classes) involves the volunteer signing up for any hours they have available during the month. During those hours, they carry a pager that is linked to the Rape Crisis Hotline. The volunteer can go about their lives as usual while carrying the pager, but should they be paged, must be able to respond within a given amount of time. More often than not, entire shifts will go by without any pages. I've seen this organization and the services it provides first hand and it really is a fantastic way to help people. The people in charge at the Rape Crisis Center are amazing, laid-back, and dedicated. I've been having a hard time finding people who are willing to sacrifice a few hours a week to this. Please, if anybody has even the slightest interest in volunteering, call the Pueblo Rape Crisis Center at 583-4420. If you need more information, you can get it at the same number. If you know anybody who might be interested, please tell them about this opportunity to give to the community. And feel free to repost this entry anywhere that may draw some people who would like to volunteer. Thanks. ---Hannah
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