Aly (inkchou) wrote in pueblo,

Awaken, oh community

I've come to announce that the PCC gallery (located on the second floor of the San Juan Building) is currently featuring the artist Ann Yaeger. She does what I can only call amazing "technicolor macros" of various species of plant-life. She also does some amazing oils featuring the play of light on and through fabric and glass. Words honestly fail me in describing her awesomeness.

The Gallery is free to the public and open during weekdays from 9am-5pm. These installations are organized by the PCC art department and brought to fruition through the help of the PCC Art Club (of which I am a member, of course). It's all part of our shared attempt to make art a more pronounced part of our local culture (god knows we need it).

If any of you are PCC students and interested in attending an art club meeting the next one will be held this Friday the 23rd at 3pm in room 203 of the San Juan building (second floor).

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